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Want to talk innovation and just a little bit of insanely unique, something-different-from-the-everyday handbag humdrums, plus something delightfully different in travel wear? You’ve come to the right place. Heys, a 20-plus year old Canadian company, is really just another name for “eclectic art.”

With a new millennium crowd to conquer that loves anything ultra--ultra-thin, ultra-small, ultra-light—the name of Heys means there’s nothing to weigh you down or hold you back. That’s why they call it the ‘World’s Lightest Luggage.’ But Hey, just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it’s “light on performance.” Just because you don’t lug it doesn’t mean you lag behind in quality.

The Heys design team sets the globetrotter trends for performance and creativity with the kind of products that will upstage and outperform any other piece it comes in contact with. Heys carries a moderately priced line (as low as $25 to as high as $450) of bubble-like Disney products for children, as well as something to take your mind off the layovers, changes, and airport delays.

How about a piece of hardside luggage with spinner wheels (for a streamlined turn-around when you must run for the gate) and a built-in chess table? Just don’t forget to listen out for your section seat call! The Checkmate line comes in four colors and is priced at about $390 for a three-piece set. (Yes, it also comes with the chess pieces included.)

Heys also carries the world’s first eco-friendly set of luggage (the Eco-Case), made from completely recycled plastics.

The Heys handbags are still so freshly picked that the assembly lines won’t let them go just yet. But they do carry a ‘2n1’ organizer that retails for about $30. The TravelMate, with its neck strap and bonus passport holder, may be a hint of great things to come from the handbag line…especially the eight juicy bold color lines that it comes in.

Besides the BioCase, Britto, and the CrownIII lines, Heys carries a line of matching carry-ons, duffles, hanging jewelry bags, tie cases, travel adapters, shoe bags, and much more. Accessories are priced as low as $15.


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